"A perfect blend of orchestra, piano, rock and EDM for an epic cinematic wall of sound."

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"Kitt Wakeley - Symphony of Sinners & Saints" 
Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
Best Rock Album  

"Conflicted feat. Joe Satriani" (Single)
Best Rock Performance 
Best Rock Song 
Best Instrumental Composition

"Sinners & Saints" (Single)
Best Metal Performance

"Hello Again" (Single)
Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella 
Best Contemporary Classical Composition 



**10 Tracks - Fast Forward For Each Song

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios

   The Royal Philharmonic
     Joe Satriani on Guitar
     Andy Timmons on Guitar
     London Voices Choir

Additional Credits:
   Conductor: Cliff Masterson
     Recording Engineer: Lewis Jones
     Mixing Engineer: Tre Nagella
     Piano/Keys: Kitt Wakeley
     Bass Gtr: Ryan Miller
     Drums: Brent Berry
     Additional Gtrs: Paige Harwell
     Producer: Kitt Wakeley
     Co-Producer: Tre Nagella