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NEW RELEASE: "CONFLICTED" Featuring Joe Satriani

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As the latest inductee into the Indie Music Hall of Fame, and with a fearless, unapologetic approach to life and career, Kitt has developed a reputation in the industry for being able to create and capture an emotional melody for any setting, whether he is writing and producing for himself, other artists, TV, film or trailers.


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He has developed a reputation for creating a hybrid of orchestra, rock, EDM and piano, resulting in a cinematic epic vibe that evokes a variety of emotions.. With thte success of his album "Midnight in Macedonia", Kitt's follow up album "Symphony of Sinners and Saints", promises to surpass his fans expectations. Recorded with the London Philharmonic and London Voices at Abbey Road Studios,  the album also includes featured artsists such as Joe Satriani, Paige Harwell, Brent Berry and Ryan Miller. 

During his live performances, Kitt likes to seduce the audience into an emotional journey and appeal to as many senses as possible. With epic music, video, lights, special effects, and his engagement with the audience via monologues throughout the performance, no one leaves disappointed.


When Kitt isn't writing for himself, he is producing pop, rock and country for other artists which are featured on various streaming sites and retail outlets. He finds satisfaction in seeing or hearing the appreication and excitement of the artists when he has finished a project on their behalf. Finding himself in high demand, he's been fortunate to pick the kinds of projects to produce on his terms. 

Working with musicians from around the world allows him to collaborate with those who provide the same magic for the biggest artists in the industry These names include  Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Motley Crue, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Steve Vai, Dr. Dre and many many more.


"Midnight in Macedonia" has received worldwide acclaim. The album was recorded with the award winning Macedonia Orchestra and Choir, along with a myriad of other notable talents from around the world. In all, 5 different Grammy winners participated in the project. Currently, the album has had over one million streams on various platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more; and ended up on the Grammy ballot in four different categories.

About Kitt Wakeley


Indie Music Hall of Fame - January 2021

Josie Music Awards - PRoducer of the Year 2020

Josie Music Awards - Songwriter of the Year 2020


Hollywood Music awards - Best song of the Year 2019


Global Music Awards - Best Instrumental Album 2019

Indie Channel Music Awards - 2019

       Best Album of The Year

       PRoducer of the Year

       SOngwriter of the Year

       Best Instrumental Album

       Artist of the year

       New Artist of the Year

Midnight in Macedonia - 2019 Submitted for 4 Grammys

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