Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

2018 GRAMMY Nomination Consideration

Composer/Songwriter/Producer Kitt Wakeley releases epic orchestral album debut, “Midnight in Macedonia,” featuring the internationally renowned Macedonian Choir, the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra (Oleg Kondratenko, Conductor), and legendary special guest artists, it was announced today. “Midnight in Macedonia” is an emotional journey and musical-fusion joy ride that includes the lush strings, French horns and low brass found in dramatic cinema, as well as a diverse serving of ear candy treats, including electronica, pop, rock and piano. The album is Wakeley’s tip of the hat to the iconic scores from epic blockbusters he grew up with, including “Superman,” “The Godfather,” “Star Wars,” and “Rocky.” Special guest artists and production all-stars include legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff (Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney), guitar wizards Paige Harwell, Neal Taylor (Tears for Fears, Tina Turner) and Daniel Uribe, amazing bass player Tim Herndon, three-time GRAMMY-winning engineer/mixer/co-producer Tre Nagella, and mastering engineer genius Kevin Lively.

Best Instrumental Composition

"Midnight in Macedonia"

“This was my first time writing a full-length orchestral body of work, so it was three years in the making,” said Wakeley, who wrote, played piano and keyboard and co-produced the album. “You know something might have great potential but then you hear it for the first time being performed by an international, award-winning choir and orchestra, it becomes totally overwhelming. Then add iconic guest artists you grew up admiring, and the chance to perform it live for the first time in your home state, and it all makes ‘Midnight in Macedonia’ the greatest experience and achievement of my music career.”